about us

We are 2 sisters who worked for the same manufacturing company for a total of 45 years before being made redundant. We decided to start our own cleaning business after considering all the options available. We spent many hours trying to find the best way forward until we said hey lets do something we are really good at.

We pride ourselves in keeping our homes in tip top condition so the answer was to start a business where we could offer the same level of service to whomever. We did loads of research into products and techniques before going live because we wanted to offer not just a cleaning service but a professional one for all. We only went ahead with the venture once we had in place all the best possible back up from not only cleaning suppliers but also insurance companies. Many visits were made to exhibitions and trade shows so we knew the best way to operate and use the latest products.

osohandi vanSavings were used to source a professional web and image company as it was important for us to be regarded as professional from day one as there are so many cleaning firms about that promise to deliver but don’t.

At a cost to us we have also acquired the very best products available to clean with. Eco friendly products were top of our list and we believe the products we use are second to none. We intend to provide a service that is built around our name 0 So Handi. Yes it will be a difficult venture but we will only approach it in an honest, friendly and professional way. The aim is to build up the company and be around for many years to come doing the jobs you want us too.

Trudy and Paula